What Is Weightlifting?


Commonly called "Olympic Weightlifting" or even "Oly", Weightlifting is the sport of lifting weights we see at the modern olympics. 

The sport consists of two competition lifts - The Snatch and The Clean and Jerk.

In the Snatch, the barbell must be moved from the floor to overhead in one motion. In the clean and jerk, the barbell must be moved from the floor to the shoulders in the first movement and then from the shoulders to overhead in the second.

Competitors have 3 attempts of each lift and the highest successful lift of each the snatch and clean and jerk are combined to record a total. 

Weightlifting is a sport of strength, speed, power, coordination and flexibility; all coming together for 10 seconds of unity to perform one lift - the ultimate test of Athleticism!

Training for weightlifting consists of the above lifts and a countless number of accessory movements including squats, pulls (deadlifts) and presses.