5 Tips to SNATCH that job in a Boutique Gym (LEARN)

Boutique Gyms are the hot topic right now! They are popping up everywhere and for good reason. Boutique Gyms will offer you a more passionate, personalised service that we have seen go missing with the 24hr gym boom. Our Good friends over at Perth Fit Fam did a great article outlining the top boutique gyms in Perth, check it out! (Shameless Plug).

 So, with these growing number of facilities opening, comes more opportunities for coaches to get jobs in gyms that are going to look after them, teach them and really help them grow in their career. Based on my personal experience looking for, and working with staff as well as colleagues’ experiences, I have put together my top 5 Tips to SNATCH up that job in a Boutique Gym!

 1.     Have realistic expectations.

Probably the most important - we get it! Your cert 3 and 4 Educators told you that you can be earning $60 per 45min session post-graduation, and yeah, this is true if you want to step straight into a contracting position. Remember as a contractor you are paying rent, tax, super and insurances on top of this, not to mention you do not get paid for your down time. You might do 5 sessions one day and make $300, but then you might not have sessions for 2 days. This is the reward to risk ratio of running your own business.

Employed positions offer the security and consistency that contracted roles don’t, yes, your clients are paying $60 for their session with you, but the gym is paying all of the above, often as well as your down time, marketing, administration of clients and keeping the lights on! This will be reflected in your hourly rate.

 2.     Read the Ad!

Incredible to believe but out of the 50+ applicants we had from a recent advert on Seek, only 2 applicants read the ad correctly and applied with the requirements we asked for!

 3.     Know the Gym and why you want to work there.

Boutique gyms will pride themselves on being different from others. Do your research and see what sets them apart. Know why you want to work there and what will make you a good fit. Even better, if you have an opportunity to get involved with classes or sessions at the gym, throw yourself in there head first!

 4.     Know yourself and don’t be too scripted.

Coaching and personal training is a passionate job, so employers will want to see that when you meet with them. We want to meet the real you and not one you prepared earlier. As a tactic to see this, I will often throw in a very difficult question that will be almost impossible to prepare for. I see the applicants who have scripted too much really struggle here and the more natural ones do better. I know an interview is nerve wrecking and stressful, but instead of scripting, prepare strong points about yourself and what you want to get across to show your best side. Also, never bag out your current or past employer, this rings alarm bells with business owners!

5.     Practice what you preach!

This means be fit and look good right? No! It means having a coach! If you cannot see the value in having a coach yourself, why should someone pay you? I will always ask if a potential employee has or has had a coach. If they answer no and the reason is that they know what they are doing, this person will never receive a job. If you expect someone to be accountable to you, to trust you with helping them achieve their goals and to get out of their comfort zone. You need to be willing to practice this yourself.


I hope this article can help you prepare for that dream job and don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up. Experience is essential when it comes to coaching and getting your foot in the door may mean starting at a lesser rate initially, but the knowledge learned will be priceless!


Ant Usmar

Owner – The Rev Barbell Club

Owner – Athletic Revolution Strength and Conditioning Gym