Ant Usmar


Founder and Head Coach Ant Usmar's mission is to provide a professional environment to make Athletes Strong! He is also the co-founder and director of The Rev Barbell Club's sister gym Athletic Revolution Personal Training Performance Centre. It was here where his love for weightlifting grew and the foundation for "Big Rev" was created.

Ant is passionate about not only coaching and competing in weightlifting but also educating strength coaches to be the best they can be, through both seminars and mentorships.

With close to 10 years in the fitness Industry, Ant has coached all types of athletes included professionals in MMA, boxing and rugby, as well as weightlifters and powerlifters to national and international competitions.

Ants coaching philosophy is that you can never know enough and you should be able learn something from everybody. He embodies  this by travelling the world and learning from the worlds best strength and weightlifting coaches.