Our Vision

“We believe that anybody who is committed to bettering themselves, regardless of their current level or ability, should have access to a facility that caters to them in the most professional way possible.
We believe that strength should be the building block to health and performance, both on the platform and in everyday life.
We believe that a great facility needs to be built on a foundation of education and community”



Head Coaches Ant and Jess share the vision to grow the sport of Weightlifting in WA. Read more about each of them here:



From local competition to the international platform, we intend to grow the sport locally and make A name for wa lifters on the world stage. 


Training For Performance

From CrossFit to Individual and Team Sports, Weightlifting and Strength Training will help you excel! The Rev Barbell Club can offer programs for all Athletes wishing to improve their performance.

Jack Becker MMA

The Strength For Health Movement


Strength Training should be the building block of all performance - Life Included! The Strength For Health Movement proves this and changes the mindset of everyday training, from a gruelling activity to something that empowers all. 

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